Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Talking to God

One line in Tim McGraw's song "Highway Don't Care" has stuck with me the past few days.
I bet you got a dead cell phone in your shotgun seat
Yeah, I bet you're bending God's ear talking 'bout me.

There are so many people that I wish I kept in better contact with; friends from college, cousins, neighbors.  But there is only so many hours in a day and it always seems that when I do find the time something else gets in the way.  Like a dead cell phone, or they are busy, or dinner is burning or you only have a few minutes (the list could go on for days).  Things come up.  You lose touch.  

This doesn't need to happen with God.  He is always waiting for you, ready to talk.  You can talk to him while you are trying to save dinner from becoming ash.  You can talk to him when you are out of breath on a run.  Even if you just say hi for a few minutes as you wait in line at the grocery store, he will be glad to talk to you.  And even if you cell phone is dead and you are completely cut off from everyone else you can still talk to God.  

I know that I need to remember this.  Even if I don't dedicate an entire holy hour at adoration each day I can still talk to God throughout the day.  We should be in a constant conversation with God.  We don't need much to have this conversation.  All we really need is an open heart but it will give us so much more that we could imagine. 

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