Monday, July 22, 2013

Give him glory through science and exploration

"The exploration of both the micro and the macro cosmos, is a song to God's glory, which is reflected in everything in the universe.
                                                          -Pope John Paul II (2000)

As someone involved in (and loves) science this single line sums it all up.  Not only is it alright to study science.  Not only are there no conflicts between science and Catholicism.  Not only is it acceptable and tolerated but it is giving glory to God.  Just as studying a piece of artwork gives glory and honor to the artist who created it, studying God's creation gives glory to God, who created it.
When we study the intricate workings and structure of molecules, we are giving glory to God for he is the one who designed then to work just so.  When we explore the far reaches of the universe, we are giving glory to God who created such a vast and amazing structure.  All  of this was created and designed by Him.  All of the wonder and astonishing feats that are discovered through science were all put there by the creator of all, God.
I feel that exploring his creation is one way to grow closer to him and give him his deserved honor and glory.

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