Wednesday, May 1, 2013

The best advice

Think about the best advice that you have ever been given.  I can think of a lot good advice that I have been given.  I can also think of a lot of very bad advice that I have been given.  But that's all another story.  

This is about the absolute best advice that I have been given.  This is the kind of advice that you don't have to double think or wonder if it will lead you in the wrong direction.  This is the kind of perfect, all around advice.

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Who does this advice come from?  Our Mother Mary.  She gives us the ultimate advice.  "Do whatever he tells you."  And of course the he that she is referring to is Jesus.  She tells this to the severs at the wedding at Cana in the second chapter of the Gospel of John.  They have run out of wine.  She has informed her son of the problem.  She does not know what (if anything) Jesus is going to do but she knows that the best thing that the severs can do to solve this problem that they are facing is to listen to Jesus. "Do whatever he tells you."

This was good advice at the time just as it is good advice to us today.  What ever problems we are facing.  What ever difficulties we come across.  What ever questions or anxieties we have. Just follow Mary's advice "Do whatever he tells you."  How simple it is but how hard it is to do.

How can we better follow this advice?

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